Chapelstone Stable Mats

Stable Matting – Quality Stable Mats at Affordable Prices

All Chapelstone pure rubber stable mats are made from high quality rubber which does not harbour bacteria.
The tops are finished with a very effective ‘bobble top’ or ‘Easy Sweep’ anti slip surface and the underside of the mats are grooved to allow drainage where required. We can source most types of mats so please contact us with your requirements.
The choice of bedding used with stable mats determines whether drainage is needed and also governs the frequency with which cleaning beneath them is required.
Many mats advertised as rubber mats are made from granular, recycled or filled rubber each of which has their own inherent problems in stable situations.

We recommend Chapelstone ThirstyBed high absorbency bedding.

Important! Stable Mats Are NOT Available To Order Online.

Please telephone 01206 272689 to place an order
Because stable mats are heavy it’s only economic to ship large quantities.
We can deliver orders for 6 or more stable mats to local customers, or customers having work done by us at Chapelstone. Please telephone to discuss.

Chapelstone Stable Matting Features

Chapelstone stable mats are heavyweight quality and weigh around 40 kilos each. They measure approximately 6ft x 4ft x 16-18mm thick.

  • Thermally efficient – your horse will be around 30% warmer on stable mats compared to concrete floor
  • Protection for Hocks / Knees – reduces risk of damage / capping.
  • Anti-slip – increases safety as horses rise and go down, so reducing the risk of the horse getting cast.
  • Economical – reduces amount of bedding needed.
  • Can Speed up recovery – increases comfort for ‘box rest’ / confined animals.
  • Provides ‘give’ underfoot – reduces strain on tendons / joints etc.
  • Horses rest warmer – increases overnight body temperature.
  • Time saving – reduces time and effort spent mucking out.

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