Chapelstone Arena Checklist

Chapelstone undertakes the technical preparation and project management for your arena. Our specialist construction team is available to discuss your requirements.
Our arena checklist includes things to consider when planning your new arena and will help get your project off to a flying start.

  • Size of Manège
    The size will depend on the type of use and available space (standard size 20m x 40m) and of course your budget.
  • Riding Surface
    Prices vary considerably depending on the surface material used and should be selected with both budget and discipline in mind. They range from sand rubber to top professional waxed surfaces with many in between.
  • Entrances
    Decide where you would like access to your arena (more than one entrance can be included if required).
  • Riding Access
    Laying access tracks to your arena means the problem of muddy tracks and carrying contamination into the arena is alleviated.
  • Vehicle Access
    In order to construct the arena we will need to deliver materials as near to site as possible. Please ensure that you have suitable access for articulated or eight wheeler lorries to site – and don’t forget you may need to top up your riding surface in the future.
  • Planning Permission
    This is required for the construction of a new arena, which is classed as engineering works. Planning can usually be obtained within about 8 weeks depending on your local authority.
  • Lighting
    This makes planning more difficult. It is easier to initially apply for the manège without lighting being specified then submit a further application at a later date. If you intend to incorporate lighting at a later date, please inform us so we can allow for electrics during the build, which is easier and more cost effective to do while the arena is being constructed.
  • Consider Your Neighbours
    Please bear in mind the position of your neighbour’s property when planning your manège.
  • Special Requirements
    Please discuss any ideas / requirements you have and we will incorporate these into your arena specification where possible.

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