Stable Bases

Chapelstone offers a complete service from construction of simple stable bases to complete yards.

Yard drainage, water and electrical services, access roadways, tracks, car parks, fencing and riding arenas, Chapelstone can undertake the entire project using our own dedicated trades eliminating the worry of dealing with a multitude of contractors and giving you peace of mind whilst providing a quality construction.

As stable builders, we understand how vital it is to get the foundations right.


Most our concrete is laid using a professional power screed, with the final finish being hand tamped to provide a horse friendly finish. We will finish the edges of the yard concrete with a 100mm troweled edge all the way around forming a neat finish that is less likely to break or chip.

It is imperative that stables are erected on a correctly constructed base. This includes correct falls for water run-off, use of engineering bricks laid completely level for the stables to be sited on.

We use a fibre reinforced concrete, specifically designed for agricultural and equestrian use, which is resistant to urine and therefore lasts longer.

To ensure our bases are completely level and have the correct falls for water run-off our teams use professional, highly accurate laser levelling equipment.


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