Muck Clamps

Storing waste from your stables is an issue often overlooked. Muck clamps are a simple way of keeping that unsightly heap stored in a clean and tidy area. Without a muck clamp, a beautifully constructed and maintained stable yard can be spoiled by the sight of a random muck heap that often seems to grow outwards as more barrow loads are added.


Mini Muck Clamp

Built on a flat concrete pad, this is not bunded and works by allowing rainwater and run-off to seep out from any side. Designed for manual filling the mini muck clamp is a neat way to retain muck.

Ideal for small private yards.


Commercial Muck Clamp With Holding Tank

Designed for commercial use, this muck clamp slopes into the middle from both sides, which then runs to the back where a drain collects any effluent or run off, which is then piped to a holding tank at the rear. The holding tank is pumped out periodically by a tanker for disposal.

The steel uprights are left long to allow for the addition of extra sleepers when required.


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