Chapelstone Mobile Stables

The specification is similar to that of our standard stable units with the exception that they are sited upon robust tanalised timber skids with steel connecting brackets and tow eyes. Rope or chain can be attached to these eyes for moving the shelter. In the case of mobile stables kickboards are replaced with ply as this helps with the units rigidity when being towed, of course we can overboard the ply with plank kickboards if you so wish.

We do advise staking the fronts of units into the ground, especially in exposed positions. Choosing a dry flat sheltered area is always best to locate your field shelter, but if this is not possible we are able to supply and lay a suitable base such as road plainings to help with drainage and prevent poaching by your horses.

Wooden mobile units are extremely versatile and can be tailored to your specific requirements as with all our buildings.

Of course, if you would prefer a more permanent structure, we are stable manufacturers and can build anything from a small stable block to a large commercial equestrian yard.

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