Chapelstone Riding Surfaces

With many riding surfaces available, we can help advise which will best suit your needs and budget. Surfaces include sand rubber, sand fibre, waxed and many more. Because the choice is vast and can cause confusion we can help match your equestrian discipline and budget with a suitable riding surface for your arena.

Which Riding Surface?

Here’s a selection of popular riding surfaces. Call us on 01206 272689 to discuss your requirements.


Chapel-fibres: 100% chopped polypropylene fibres recommended for stabilizing sand equestrian riding surfaces.

• Cut, not Shredded giving a more  fibrous consistency
• Greater Latex removal in manufacture

• Greater Stability
• Increased Surface Resilience
• Impact Cushioning reducing stress & Joint / Tendon injury

• Reduced Maintenance
• Helps eliminates Riding Loose and Deep

Sand and Rubber Tyre Chippings 99.9% wire Free

This is a recycled product made from shredded tyres and a small amount of other rubber product from the motor industry, chopped to a size of approximately 25mm. The rubber lays on the surface of the compacted silica sand and offers a responsive cushioning underfoot. The rubber also helps the sand to retain some moisture and stops the sand from being blown away in high winds. This is a popular and cost effective sand based riding surface.

Waxed Riding Surfaces

This waxed riding surface is a combination of PVC granules and textile fibres blended with silica sand and covered with a waxed coating. Designed for small professional yards and owner/riders the waxed sands are low maintenance firm surfaces. There is no necessity for an irrigation system due to excellent climate tolerance which makes it ideal for many applications.

Chapelstone is an approved installer/contractor for Martin Collins riding surfaces so we can supply and/or install any Martin Collins surfaces at competitive pricing.
In fact, we can supply and/or install any riding surface available on the market today. Call us on 01206 272689 to discuss your requirements.

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