Chapelstone Stable Design Service – The Visual Advantage

By bringing your ideas and plans to life with 3D drawings you can see the reality of the design before any construction work takes place. This provides an opportunity to visualise and approve the layout at an early stage and gives you the option to change elements before you commit.
Here’s a 3D rendering of a bespoke stable block design along with a photograph of the finished stable.

stable block 3D rendering
Finished Stable Block

Notice how accurately the photo of the completed project matches the 3D drawings prepared before work commenced.

This greatly assists our customers and is one of many services provided by Chapelstone that we are complimented on frequently.

A customer from Suffolk recently said;

“From start to finish Chapelstone were absolutely amazing – receiving the 3D drawings from Sarah (complete with hanging baskets!) gave us a clear idea of what the final layout would look like. No other company was able to provide us with this and being able to visualise the project was hugely important to us.”