It’s all gone Solar!


So many Chapelstone customers ask us for lighting in their arenas, stables, field shelters and other buildings.

But sometimes the cost and disruption of cable laying can be incredibly off putting. You want a floodlit arena but you think it’s just too much hassle and expense. That’s why we are delighted to be able to offer solar lighting that has a huge variety of uses.

Solar has come a long way in the last few years. It’s hard to believe that these lights are not conventionally powered, with brightness up to 1,000 lumen depending on the setting you choose and the type of lights.

Arena Lights

Arena lights are now on our website, as a pack of six or as individual lights. Time illumination mode or motion activated mode mean that you can set the lights to operate in exactly the way that works best for you.

Six lights will illuminate a 20m x 40m manège.

Each light has an integrated solar cell which charges a lithium battery. The lights can be clamped to a 4m scaffold pole or mounted to a wall. All the fixings and brackets are included. There is also a remote control with each light.

There are many other uses for the lights – car parks, driveways, sports courts and pitches are just a few examples. You could even mount a solar light on a pole in the middle of a field! Anywhere you need good lighting but don’t have access to power.

Solar Indoor Lighting and Power

With the Solar Hub, you can light up any outdoor building – stables, shelters, summer houses, tack rooms, workshops and agricultural buildings.

There are two sizes of Solar Hub;

The SolarHub 16 lights up to 16m² while the SolarHub 64 lights an impressive 64m². Expansion kits are available with both models and as with the arena lights, all cables and fixings are included.

Another great thing about the SolarHub? There are USB ports on both! You can charge your phone and other smaller gadgets, and with the 64 there is enough power to charge your laptop!

Please click on the links to see more technical detail on our solar light range. We will be adding lots of accessories and spares over the coming weeks so you’ll know that getting extension cables for instance, won’t be a problem.


Let Chapelstone Solar light up your life.

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