How To Use ThirstyBed – Tips & FAQs

ThirstyBed™ horse bedding is so easy to use you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch earlier…

How To Use ThirstyBed To Set Up A New Bed Without Matting:

  • You will initially need to spread out between 8 and 10 bags of ThirstyBed ™ (dependent upon the size of your stable).
  • The fresh horse bedding must then be lightly sprayed with water for several minutes to activate the pellets either with a hose-pipe or watering can with a rose on.
  • After approximately 15 minutes the bulk of the bedding pellets will have fluffed up, you should now move the bedding around to form a bed as you would with shavings leaving a soft, dry, comfortable bed for your horse. If you want to bank Thirsty Bed around the edges of your stable that’st not a problem but we it’s not advisable to keep the bedding too deep.

How To Use ThirstyBed To Set Up A New Bed With Matting:

If you have stable matting in place then you don’t have to put down such a large bed. In our 12 x 14 stables we tend to bed down just under half the stable using the same method as above but using just 4-5 bags to set-up the stable initially. We would recommend that the bed is no deeper that about 100mm (4″) as this best helps with odour control. You can bank the sides if you like but this will require more bedding.

Ongoing ThirstyBed Maintenance:

  • On a daily basis remove all solids and obvious wet patches mixing existing bedding into any small amounts of wet that are left for Thirsty Bed™ to absorb and so locking away ammonia odour. This also keeps the bedding slightly damp allowing new granules to expand. We recommended a Fine Tines™ basket fork for mucking out which is specifically designed for wood pellet type bedding.
  • For any used bedding that is removed, add back just a third of ThirstyBed™ to maintain the bedding area.

ThirstyBed Tips!

  • With an established bed there is no need to activate any replacement bedding as the moisture in the existing bed will do that for you.
  • The only time that you may need to spray the bedding again to help activate new pellets is if you have an extremely dry horse, in very dry hot conditions in the summer or when a large amount of new bedding is put down.

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