We’ve had one of the best summers anyone can remember for a long time. Endless days of sunshine have become the norm and even now that the weather is distinctly chillier, the sun is still lighting up my office as I type.

It’s hard to believe that we are now in the Halloween month, and will soon have leaves crunching under our feet and we’ll be wrapped in scarves, hats and gloves before you know it.

Our horses will also need to be catered for.

Here is our quick list of must-do’s for the colder months.

Check you winter rugs now. Ensure they are clean, and repair any tears or loose straps – don’t wait until the first frost to find out they are unusable.

If your horses are staying out, is now a good time to invest in a field shelter? In our experience, people are usually pleasantly surprised at how well priced they can be. Chapelstone can build a standard single opening 4.2m field shelter on wooden skids from £2,500.00 plus VAT. That priced even includes installation.

If your horses are coming in at night having been turned out 24/7 over the last few months, check the condition of the stables. Is the ironmongery still in good condition? Have any screws loosened? Are the chew strips still doing their job or do you need replacement? How is the guttering? Get the maintenance done now.

Make sure you have plenty of bedding available. Customers love our ThirstyBed wood pellet bedding and we have testimonials like this one coming in all the time:

“I am so delighted that I have changed our yard over to ThirstyBed. With up to 5 horses in at night during the winter it is going to save us so much time, and also money, as Thirsty Bed is over £3 a bag cheaper than our previous bedding. Quick and easy to muck out, it is very rewarding to see the beds looking perfect without great effort.”

Don’t forget to contact us if you are looking to upgrade, repair or replace any of your facilities. Many of the staff here have horses themselves, so we can help you choose the best solution to your needs. Just call 01206 272689 or email enquiries@chapelstone.co.uk

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