From start to finish Chapelstone were absolutely amazing –  receiving the 3D drawings from Sarah (complete with hanging baskets!) gave us a clear idea of what the final layout would look like. No other company was able to provide us with this and being able to visualise the project was hugely important to us.
Having never undertaken anything like this before we decided to go with Chapelstone for the whole project and we were so pleased that we did – although you pay a little more for this it meant the whole thing ran seamlessly. Any minor blips were ironed out on the same day – and the piece of mind was priceless.
Nigel and Adam were an amazing duo – never before have we met people who took so much pride in their work – who knew concrete could be an art – the comments we’ve had on their finishing touches have been endless.
Mark and his crew had the stables up in no time at all and once again the attention to detail was amazing.
Each day I wonder down through the ‘tunnel of trees’ with my little girl to our horsey haven and have to pinch myself that it really is ours. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of being able to have horses at home and as whilst i’m not usually one for cliches I can never thank Chapelstone enough for turning my dreams into reality. You are all absolute stars!
Thank you all so much Louise, equestrian customer

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